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January 7, 2006

Term GPA: 2.469

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fall semester 2005

I’m happy with that.. except for the Academic Strategies one. “E” means I failed and it counts towards my GPA (as opposed to the F in Math Lab, which didn’t count for anything anyhow, it’s 0 credits, so I stopped going, and so did Ana so I didn’t feel bad). I kind of quit going to the acad strat class, which I guess is kind of ironic, since the class is about, well, academic strategies. I learned that lesson.

If I hadn’t failed, my GPA would be 2.675. That’s not that much better, so I don’t care.

The B- in philosophy was the hardest B- I ever worked for. I’m proud of that. If I had studied for the final more, I probably could have pulled off an A. I thought it was on a different day.. so I found out about it the night before. Oh well! At least I don’t have anything to hide from my parents! (for the first time since 7th grade, when I hid my report card under my bed and didn’t show it to them and then they went to parents night and found out I failed everything)

Next semester goals: better prioritize school over work. Only take classes I like. Few morning classes as possible. Improve writing skills. MAKE MORE FRIENDS. Right now I think if Ana quit I would hate my life. THANKS BYE

i’m gonna make it through this year, if it kills me

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My sleeping cycle got messed up, so every day I can’t fall asleep until 4 in the morning, and wake up around 3 in the afternoon. Then I go to work until midnight, read for a few hours, and do the whole thing over again. My car broke on New Years Eve. A few hundred to fix the brakes. A few hundred to fix the radiator. And the emergency brake is broken too!! A thousand dollars or more to fix. That’s.. about how much I paid for the car. fuck.

I wish I had a time machine so I could go back to when I was 16 and just buy a car for a few thousand, a nice car, and not have to worry about this shit every few months! I miss the Volvo, Century, Caravan, Escort, and LeSabre :(:(:( actually my dad is letting me drive the LeSabre for now, until we figure out what’s going on with the Park Ave I HATE CARS and they all have dumb names.

ALSO HI EVERYONE, I GOT OVER MY EPIC MANY-YEARS LONG CRUSH. Yes, yes, thank you. Then I started to like another girl, but she likes someone else! Sweet! I’m lonely! I need to lower my standards probably. But let’s talk about happy things! Too many people already complain about being lonely on Livejournal. I can’t wait until spring so I can go camping, that’s what I’m going to do more of this year. And hiking. I feel like my life has hit a plateau, it’s not going anywhere and that’s because I don’t have some goal in reach. Even short-term. I have nothing to strive for. I’ve fallen into a routine of work and (occasionally) school. I’ve had this job for 3 years, saved nothing, and have nothing to show for it. WAIT HAPPY THINGS

..nothing. I’m going to Dunkin Donuts. That’s happy. I started this entry at 4:30, fell asleep, and finished it at 9:30.

OH YEAH Shanon let me borrow ON THE ROAD and it’s so good. Thank you Shanon and Kerouac.

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