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December 24, 2005

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Not much is new. Finished my first semester of college. Tossed around the idea of dropping out, or only taking 2 classes. Decided I’m only taking classes I like. Next semester will be photography, music theory, creative writing, and literature (english or american? help me pick). Fuck taking spanish and math. And other things I don’t like. TRACY WAS RIGHT, I ALREADY KNOW HOW TO READ.

Me and Annie had our TWO YEAR ANNIVERSARY of being AIM buddies. And we’ve hung out 3 times. Once last week at Molly’s party, which was a good time.

I drink a lot of water, like a real lot, my skin is less dry but I HATE PEEING EVERY 5 MINUTES.

I’m in a bad mood, I was up until 6 this morning, and I woke up too early. Addie came over today. I’m not sure where that’s going. We’ll see.

December 19, 2005


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This guy BERDMAN hangs out in the Worcester Myspace group and makes fun of people by taking their pictures and writing dumb things on them that don’t usually make sense. And he went through my entire profile and edited it to say things about being gay and eating poop. THE GUY IS LIKE 30, GET OFF THE INTERNET YOU’RE OLD AND DUMB. Everyone send him a message (click here) and tell him he’s a tool.

Oh yeah, I made up that thing about Rowling getting drunk and spilling the end of Harry Potter 7. And [someone else] made up the one about Bright Eyes breaking up. Thanks for playing!

December 15, 2005


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I’m working alone right now. A drunk man from the office upstairs said he’s seen me skateboarding all the time in Worcester, and I looked interesting and he wanted to talk to me.

So, as he said, he went out and had some beers and came back to chat with me.

That was seriously so scary. I can’t even tell you. Because I’m alone in this building, except for some drunken stock broker looking for some tight ass at the internet company. I got Annie to call our 800 number a bunch of times, so I could say we were really busy and he had to leave. He said if it stopped being so busy, I could come up to his office.. and that he’d come by to say goodnight when he left.

I locked the door.

Now I will never feel safe working here alone.. actually I am probably going run as fast as I can out to my car, lock the doors, and drive home as fast as I can. I couldn’t fight that guy off..

December 12, 2005


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I have a crush. She thinks I’m cute. We’re hanging out Saturday. Annie and Ana don’t approve 🙁 this is a disaster already.

Does anyone know anything about the Peace Corps? I don’t know if I want to go to college next year. Experiences? Friends that have done it? Useful links?

I downloaded the first season of The OC, and I watched an episode and I really like it. I’m sorry I said this show sucked before. It’s great.

There are two homeless people staying at my house, a boy of 17 and a girl of 22. I have a big house, it’s not like there isn’t room for them.. but when you make $20 shoveling snow, and then spend it on a case of cigarettes, how am I supposed to feel bad for you? My dad is upset that they eat a lot of food and are ungrateful, and my mom told me to not leave my laptop at home anymore and hide my change cup.

I finally got around to listening to The Click Five, and they suck. WHO SIGNED THIS BAND. WHY.

I don’t have a lot of money for Christmas presents this year, so don’t buy me anything. Let me know if you’re getting me something so I can reciprocate so I don’t feel like a douche.

December 8, 2005

yes yes y’all

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I started smoking cloves and Dreams for a few weeks, but I got sick of coughing shit up. And my car smelled. So if anyone wants a half a pack of Blacks, and/or a half a pack of Cherry Dreams, they’re all yours.

I have been kind of sad lately, I don’t feel happy doing anything. I can’t think of what I want to do with the rest of my life. I hate working, and school, I have no hobbies or real valid interests. I have no desire to find a girlfriend, I’m lazy, I can’t do anything that I’m supposed to when I’m supposed to.

I think I’m done drinking and smoking pot. I don’t want to get messed up. Everything they say about marijuana being a gateway drug is probably true. When I start researching and looking for someone who will sell me mushrooms or acid, things I never would have thought about before, I feel like all those theories are right. Maybe not for you, but for me. Not that it hasn’t been fun, but I am just afraid of what I’m going to do to myself.

I’m not saying I’m going to be edge, but I don’t want to fuck myself up. You only get one shot at this (interestingly, an argument used by both sides of the drug-use spectrum). I’m worried that my complete lack of goals, combined with an interest in drug experimentation, can’t be good for my future.

December 6, 2005

things that made me happy today

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Getting in my car. I love getting in my car. It’s beautiful. The best car I’ll probably ever have.

Listening to The Flashbulb on the way there.

My english class. Which was about nothing. And I was 10 minutes late and the professor didn’t say anything.

I passed my Literature quiz!

Singing Salt n Pepa with Ana. Then looking through my MP3s.

Going to work, and it was sunny out and I got a great parking spot and the meters are free in December.

Work wasn’t bad, except I got a migraine with the aura part, and no actual headache, and I couldn’t see for an hour or so. I then opted not to go see Alkaline Trio 🙁

Bought my tickets for the show tomorrow, and the transaction went through. Shanon and Maureen are coming!

Laughing a lot at Kirsten’s last night, though that wasn’t technically today.

Tomorrow is Hellogoodbye, The Rocket Summer, and Hit the Lights. Yaaay.

After work I started my car and decided to take out my skateboard while I waited for it to warm up. I put my cell phone on the roof.. and I’ll bet you can guess where this is going. 3 blocks later, I realized I lost it.. So I turned around and went back to where I started. I found it in the middle of the road, a little scuffed, I think it got hit. The battery was on the other side of the street. Oh well! goodnight, internet.

December 3, 2005

wherein i go to the movies and complain about college and girls

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Movies that sucked:
-Chicken Little
-Aeon Flux

RENE PICKED ALL OF THESE OUT. Do not go and see ANY of them. Harry Potter was good enough to offset all three of these, though.

I lost my literature textbook so I haven’t been to class in a week. It’s my favorite class and it’s making me sad to not be there. The only college class I like, and I can’t even go 🙁

We’re watching Blade Runner in my english comp class, for some reason. It doesn’t relate to anything, at all. Good movie though.

I’m glad John-Michael gave this album a perfect score. I used to listen to it a lot but it got deleted from my MP3 player. Or rather, I deleted it myself. Along with everything else. At least now I don’t have more Beastie Boys tracks than I’ll ever listen to, or 300 Morrissey songs. Anyhow, The Exit rereleased their album and it’s a good time, check them out, please.

Having an (unrequited) crush on someone is the worst feeling EVER. Especially when it’s been going on for so long. I need to meet someone. Please.

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