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March 23, 2008

omg nyc lol

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hay NYC is great i’m having a lot of fun and meeting new people and working a lot and walking and just haaaangin

come visit, i’m a 5 minute walk from the fung wah dropoff

today i got a summons for sk8boreding. i have to go to court? hahahah

ok more uptade l8r BYE mis you!

March 1, 2008

flip it stick it seeyalaterBYE!

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hay u guise,

i’m moving to NYC in a week. sorry you had to read about it on livejournal. i know we don’t hang out anymore. i’ve been working 55 hour weeks, i don’t hang with anyone anymore, i mostly drive to allston after i get out of work at 1030 and visit rod.

i’ve been saying i was moving for almost a year, nobody really bought it, but here it is. monday is my last day at Cyberonic, thursday is my last day at Neighborhoodies, Saturday is my last day in Massachusetts. I’m not sure how long i’ll be gone, but i don’t think i’ll be back in a few weeks or anything.

i’ve never been away from home any longer than scout camp for a week. i’m kind of scared. but i’m 21 (happy birthday to me, last week) and i live with my parents and work lame jobs and it’s time to go try something new and exciting and take advantage of my youth and whatever. ok no i don’t feel like explaining this or talking about it any longer

if you’d like to see me before i leave, uh i guess you can come see me at the natick mall. i’m working every night until thursday. also 1-8 today, sunday til 6. i’ll be free mostly after work, if you want to hang out super late, pickin apples, making pies, put a little something in our lemonade and take it with us


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