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November 28, 2005

wtf bright eyes broke up?

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from an interview done last night at the bright eyes show in Philadelphia:

“…..Now climbing to his mid twenties, a tired and distraught poet decides to call it quits after seven years of success. “People are sick of hearing the same old bullshit,” slurs a slightly intoxicated Oberst. The singer/songwriter plans on releasing a Greatest Hits album in the fall of 2006. “This is going to be it, the final chapter, a celebration and conclusion” claims the musician…..”

I heard they’re cancelling all tour dates for the current tour.. I’ll post a link when I can find one.

November 27, 2005

harry potter 7th book exposed

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i’m trying to work on a paper right now but i can’t concentrate, i don’t know why. i am really nervous about it and i can’t calm myself down. i know what i have to write and i only have a few pages left but i’m really stressed for some reason and i feel like i’m going to throw up. i know it’s totally irrational of me, and i don’t know why i’m doing it. i feel really stupid and helpless. i could have this done in an hour but i dont know what’s wrong with me

oh yeah also from the BBC web site:

LEEDS, UK — More than two years away from the highly-anticipated concluding chapter in her Harry Potter series, its author has already divulged its ending, though not necessarily intentionally.

“Yeah, he [Harry] joins up with Voldemort,” slurred a drunken Rowling to an admonished crowd of bargoers. Upon being further pressed, Rowling stated that she hasn’t yet decided whether Harry will kill his friends.

November 24, 2005


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I just noticed that there is no link on my journal to go back to previous entries. Oops.

I also just got back from hanging out at my cousins house in Holden, and got pulled over, like I always do in Holden. I hate Holden because the cops follow you for AGES. I got a $50 ticket for not having a recent inspection sticker.. I never got a new one when I bought the car.

He was really grillin’ me, and usually I’m as polite as possible to cops but I couldn’t be, I was pissed. He asked me so many questions, wanted to know where I was coming from and where I was going and how old I was and what’s in the back seat under that sweatshirt?

He asked when the last time I got pulled over was, to which I responded “the last time I was in this town.” He asked why I got pulled over before, and I told him I didn’t know. He said there had to be some reason, so I asked him “okay, why did you pull me over?

He asked if he could look around and I said no.

I didn’t even have any drugs or anything, I was just in a bad mood because I knew I couldn’t escape Holden without a cop encounter. I called my cousin and she told me it was because I was wearing a hat. “You don’t wear hats in Holden.”

Food tomorrow, Piebald on Friday. I am more excited for the latter. Though food is nice.

November 20, 2005

somewhat recently:

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Art exhibition type thing last night, completely bizarre. The first exhibit I saw was people eating rice in front of a projector screen with fucking on it. Time lapse photography, lights, goldfish bowls, scavenger hunt, mock political survey, man masturbating to the beat of a pendulum. Certainly, Sir played. I’m so glad I got to see them. Free buffet.

I get high and go to the movies.

Harry Potter review: Emma Watson is hot. Voldemort’s fetus was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. I almost cried when Cedric died.

Chicken Little review: worst movie of all time.

Rene and I went to McDonald’s and she asked if they still had the “chicken dinner.” We went to Boston to see Rooney and missed them. Left before we had to endure the All-American Rejects.

Crystalyn and I got addicted to cigarettes :(:( but we got to ride the T for free, because we didn’t have change.

I gave blood and then couldn’t walk without falling down for a couple hours.

Went to Boston and drank with Emily.

Me and Rod got carded at Tortilla Sam’s. BYOB WTF

November 11, 2005

(no subject)

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It’s getting colder. I just woke up. I dreamed that everything was covered in show, and then I woke up and it was just cold and no snow, and I was dissapointed.

I haven’t kissed anybody since I was going out with Kayleen. 8 months? I’ve had my tongue in other peoples’ mouths a few times since then, but I didn’t feel it. I need to crush on someone (REALISTIC), and fast. I need someone to hold hands with because mine get cold fast 🙁 I should probably stop listening to Tegan and Sara, that’s my main problem.

I spilled Hi-C on my laptop and now tab, capslock, shift, and ctrl are all sticky 🙁

Quick poll: it’s Veteran’s Day. Would you ever put your life on the line for this country? Just curious. It’s weird to think about.

November 8, 2005

(no subject)

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Hello. Things are going swimmingly. I’m picking out classes for next semester and it’s kind of nervewracking, especially since I’m a freshman, by the time I go to register the classes I want might be filled? I have a tentative schedule picked out though, and if I can get it, it would make my life. I’m nervous about the future but I think it will be fun. Some literature (intro & american); basic music class; intro to logic; photography I. All afternoon classes, nothing on Friday.

I’m still intrigued every day by the beauty of autumn; I don’t know why I never noticed it before, the other 17 times I’ve seen this season come around. I enjoy waking up and driving to school, especially if my car is warm from sitting in the sun, and I don’t have to rush. The little things.

Tonight was Gratitude at the Axis. Drove in, made it to Boston, then I took a wrong turn (or 9) and ended up in Chelsea, nowhere near our intended destination. A Burger King, a bridge, and walking in circles to find the T stop, and eventually we got there. It was such a great show. I can’t even tell you. I haven’t smiled that hard at a concert in forever. “Lukewarm” is a wonderful song.

Sometimes I feel like I want a girlfriend but I’m really just too lazy to find one.

November 2, 2005

(no subject)

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I would just like to apologize to anyone that’s ridden in my car in the past.. 3 months? I cleaned it out yesterday and had an entire bag of trash, and an entire basked of stuff I need. Soda bottles, scarves, Moes cups, a camera, old magazines, Mapquest printouts to everyone’s house that I’ve driven to since June, lots of change, a duct tape sword, baseballs, newspapers, and shoes. And a giant tarp. And an umbrella, which was half-opened underneath the seat. Anyhow the thing was gross. I’m sorry.

O YAH I got a new car. It’s pretty much the greatest. 1991 Buick Park Ave. My dad found it on Craigslist for me. Which was weird. MY DAD HATES THE INTERNET. But I really like this car, it was such a better deal than the last one I bought. It also has a sunroof (or is it a moonroof?), which seems really awkward on a Buick. The thing is a boat. AND I’M KEEPING IT CLEAN. And it has a huge backseat 😉

October was a good month. I took a lot of pictures with my new camera. Then I accidentally exposed all my film. THAT SUCKED. Also, I’m kind of sick, my nose is runny and my throat feels swollen. I’m at school and watching MTV. Ryan Cabrera is ugly.

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