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January 29, 2007

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realizing opinions i’d previously held on certain things were more speculation. how can you have an anti-____ stance until you’ve tried it? you can imagine what you’d do in certain situations but when it comes down to it, who knows what will happen-

my car broke and i don’t know how to buy a new one

i just accepted a promotion .. with no pay increase until july. it’s been 7 months since the last one.. so i will be doing more work for the same pay. this is silly but it means i’m also full time now, and i can’t pass that up. but how will i wake up for 9 every day.. and how will i get there

i think i’ve been happier lately.. until the meds wear off

here are some photos for no good reason

i can’t afford to develop any more

this entry wasn’t about anything

January 11, 2007


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I LOOK 12 AGAIN, i kind of love it

photo/haircut credit to ana

hay internet!

also, someone sent me one of those livejournal roses, it was kind of cute. let’s hold hands.

January 9, 2007

the blogs are blogging me

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-the Happy Birthday Mike Leslie store blog recently featured yours truly modeling two fine items, currently for sale in the store. I believe I do so quite stunningly. photo credit: Jacob Berendes.

HBML, Worcester’s #1 visionary junk shoppe, is holding the 2007 DIORAMARAMA. I have been called out by numerous people on numerous occasions for pronouncing the 3rd syllable in “diorama-rama” with a hard “A” sound, while using a harder “A” in the 5th syllable. Regardless, this is a shoebox diorama exhibit. So make one. Everyone is. My mom is. Also, I hear Snow Ghost mousepads are for sale.

-Sean and I made a call to the Suburban Home Records Drunk Dial Hotline whilst intoxicated on New Year’s Eve. Click that link to hear me yell about girls, Garth Brooks, Kerouac, Sean not wearing pants, and my favorite albums of the year. Sean and I sing the Hold Steady. Kendall laughs in the background for the duration of the call. I do not remember making this call. I highly encourage you to a)regularly read the Suburban Home blog, and b)call their DD hotline while you are drunk. Hilarity ensues. (303)-800-6DUI.

ALSO in Suburban Home news: Drag the River is opening for/playing as the backing band for Rocky Votolato on his upcoming tour THIS IS EXCITING. Great Scott in Allston, March 31. Owen (Mike Kinsella) is also playing!

FINALLY, you can pick up the new Cassavettes album HERE. Bostoners, these guys are gonna be huge so get into it now so next year you can be like “shit i saw those guys play at some VFW before anyone had any idea who they were and now they’re all in Rolling Stone and shit.” Well, they’re playing at the Paradise on Jan 19. I’ve seen these dudes at the Middle East a couple times and it’s so great.

It’s so easy to get carried away with blogs! Blog me and I’ll blog your blog. It’s nice.

I just got one thing to say: That one thing about the Snow Ghost that hasn’t already been said by the Snow Ghost, has already been said by the Snow Ghost.

January 5, 2007

“i’m bugged at my old man.” -brian wilson

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My dad told me never to bring any boyfriends back to the house. That hurts. I was reading this so, I mean. What. I can take people cracking jokes, or just being stupid (“u wearin girls jeans u fukken faggit lol” comments from meatheads and brohams), but from my father? I’m all about joking around but what he said was purposefully mean. It also sucks to know that he’s not unconditionally behind me and I can’t really talk to him about anything, which is funny because he left me MYSPACE comments (check it) to the contrary. I guess I got my hopes up.

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