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April 21, 2005


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Today Sean and I filmed a documentary, about me filming a documentary. Spring vacation is going wonderfully. I’m happy. It’s relaxing. I get to wear sandals. I think one of the reasons I can’t get anything done is I’m mostly satisfied with the status quo. I don’t know if I’m ever going to go anywhere because I don’t really care about moving up, which sucksssss. I need to work on that. Saving money is going to start first. Having that stupid debit card makes me more irresponsible with money. It allows me to spend whatever money is in my pockets, knowing that when I run out, there’s always an ATM around the corner, and most places take Mastercard anyhow.

On a positive note, I had italian ice and it turned my mouth blue, and Sean found me a pretty stupid wallet on the beach and I’m using it. I suppose that all depends on your definition of “positive.”

April 11, 2005


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i am awesomeBest thing ever. Apparently I “sold out” and “lost all my cred” because I wore an Abercrombie shirt. To be totally honest, I only went in the store to say hi to Laurenface, and then I was looking at all the hideous shirts and found one that I actually liked and it was $15. So suck one. I didn’t change anything, I just didn’t wear a band tshirt today. And it’s not like it even said Abercrombie on it.

I have this dance on Friday, it’s the Senior Semi. Like senior prom, but our school has prom junior year. I don’t even want to go. And The Bravery is playing that night, so I’m trying to decide which one to go to. Semi will cost me a bit of money, since it’s a black-and-white affair, and I don’t have anything to wear. The show will cost me $15 plus gas to drive to Boston.

Plus, I have no reason to go to semi, aside from people saying that “if you don’t go I’ll seriously cry.” SORRY! I need to think about it. Prom was ridiculous, I don’t think this would be any different.

I know you all love hearing me talk about the stupid dance, so I’ll stop. And for the record, the picture wasn’t even supposed to be like that, but the zoom button on my camera is stuck in. PERMANANT INTERNET DISEASE. Also, this spring vacation is going to be the best ever. Last year was so good, I still remember it because it was one of the best weeks of my life, and for no particular reason. So I’m excited.

April 7, 2005

dear intarnets,

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haircutssss?So, I need a haircut. This picture is not to show that I have internet disease, but to show you how long my hair is. SO. I need ideas. Suggestions. I don’t know anything about hair, except that I need to cut mine.

Do I just get the same thing I have now, but shorter? Find me some cute boy haircuts, kthx. If someone finds something decent I’ll go to a hair place this weekend and get it chopped.


ps. amanda is coming over tomorrow, woop!
pps. my jacket is black, but the shower curtains really are that color. i don’t know why it got screwed up.

April 4, 2005

tonight on the mass pike

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The best thing to do on the Mass Pike, or any toll road where there is a set toll (in this case, $1): give the toll-taker $2 and say you’re paying for the person in back of you. They will chase you down the highway all night to try to figure out who paid their toll for them. Also, putting shit in the change slot of a snack machine, like paperclips and pennies and a bunch of quarters. People really feel like they beat the system if they reach in to get their change and there’s an extra twenty-five cents in there. Whatever makes them happy, I guess.

Getting to see one of your favorite bands is always fun. Getting to see them two nights in a row is even better, duh. We had some trouble in Providence getting into the Straylight Run/Gratitude show since it was sold out, but whatever. Met Chris and Ryan, they were cool kids. Met a girl. Well, we recognized each other from the Reggie show last week. She was going to get me in but I bought a ticket just as she was walking to the front to give me one. Gratitude was awesome. Minus the Bear, as well. Straylight’s set was just as up-and-down, boring-to-great as the CD is. They played two new songs, and again, one of them was incredibly bland and I liked the other one. And I got to talk to Amanda all night. eee 🙂

Amanda texted me today and said she had an extra ticket to Straylight/Gratitude in Boston and I could take it.. so I drove to Boston for the first time on the Mass Pike, got lost, ended up in Cambridge, Sean saved me; missed Spitalfield but whatever, and saw another great show. Talked to Jonah and apologized on behalf of Teh Intarnets. Gratitude’s set was amazing, I got to talk to Amanda in between songs. We’re going to be hanging out at Bamboozle at the end of the month, I’m excited for that. Three days of awesomeness.

In conclusion, I love meeting new people that don’t suck, especially girls, and hearing good bands.

Oh yeah, I bought Annie a Minus the Bear poster, but too bad I never see her except on AIM, roflcopter.

I think my parents think I’m a slut. LOL I WISH. Because there’s always some new girl I’m “going out” with. I tried to explain the difference between “going out” and going out, but that sort of thing doesn’t translate well verbally.

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