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May 20, 2007

you know i’ll come around if you just let me sleep in..

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Things are okay. Riding my new longboard. Silk screening ‘GHOST RIDE THE WHIP tshirts. They’re 5-7$ if you give me a tshirt to print on, or 10$ at HBML in Worcester. Sleeping a lot. Reading some good books (Bukowski, Camus). I’m not lonely but I’d like a cutie to spoon with on a regular basis. Boys or girls, whatever at this point.

Mountain Goats road trip next month.. Pitchfork Fest in Chicago (July). I’m going to get my car checked out, and if it’s cool to drive, everyone should come!

Running out of money. I’m a mess. I want chicken alfredo. I haven’t washed my hair in about 5 months. Yard sale at my house next weekend. Ask me about it. Let’s ride bikes soon ok

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