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May 23, 2008

trip back to worcester

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I was back in Worcester to see my mom graduate college. Hung out in Allston with Rod & co., partied in Worcester with Joc, Maura, Chris, and others; saw my family, lots of fun was had, beerz, The Model, saw Ana!, jacuzzi’d with Tiel, lunch with Natasha and Eponine, missed a couple people I really wanted to see but I couldn’t deal with 9 hours on trains and buses in one day sorry

It was nice to see my friends and laugh and realize I haven’t had a really good laugh in 2 months, even my family was a riot, I miss that

But being back in NYC around all this energy and action and I don’t know I don’t think I could live in Mass again, at least for a while.

I work at Neighborhoodies again, in Brooklyn. It’s decent.

Went to court yesterday for my skateboarding thing, panicked, took the $95 fine instead of standing my ground with the NOT GUILTY plea and facing a possible CRIMINAL RECORD and I can’t believe I fucking did that because that’s so much money

My brother Glenn is coming to hang out tonight WHAT CAN WE DO u guise

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