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May 30, 2006

crashed out in the living room of someone else

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I am posting right now so I remember how happy I am.

For the sake of posterity I will complain about trivial things:
1. i need a new wide lens
2. i need to vacuum my car
3. i want to make out with someone real bad right now

the past 4 days have been great. Most of the days are blended together in my memory for various reasons, but I hung out with Sean a lot, and today Julia and I visited Chelsea. It was great. I have nothing to worry about these days, I don’t remember feeling like this EVER. People that are not as happy as I: I do not envy you.

The weather has been beautiful, I’ve been running, and walking in the woods (Purgatory is so nice), etc

i’m afraid i’m going to go to sleep and wake up not as happy as i am right now, i will be so sad

May 25, 2006

(no subject)

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This post is to celebrate that my new work schedule has:

for the first time since I started working there.. when i was 15. This means I can now DO THINGS on the weekend without having to commit to a day off.


this might not all sound like a big deal to you, but i am genuinely excited about this.

hanging out with Kelli on Saturday. yayyayay. I like her. And Rick. I was gonna go up earlier this week, but my car ran out of gas IN MY DRIVEWAY. I don’t even know how I got home from work the night before. Coasting, mostly. I had to drive my dad’s car to the gas station to fill up a can.

also, I like my new job. I haven’t been feeling very social lately. And I’ll sleep for 12 hours and wake up exhausted.

ATTN New England friends: June 17th, I’m hiking Mt Monadnock in NH. Let me know if you want in. Or up. Whichever.

May 21, 2006

Protected: (no subject)

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May 20, 2006

i’m a dinosaur somebody’s diggin’ my bones

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there is a yard sale at my house this weekend, organized by my parents. donations were solicited from people in nearby towns, so it’s a massive fundraiser for the boy scouts, usually raising over $2,000. anyways

i got a bunch of records and i will now tell you all of them
The Cars – Heartbeat City
Paul Simon – Graceland
Hall and Oates – H20
Cat Stevens – Teaser and the Firecat
Neil Diamond – Stones
Stevie Wonder – Innervisions
Quiet Riot – Metal Health
David Bowie – Young Americans

and also “The Impossible Dream – The Story of the 1967 Boston Red Sox.” I bet this one is so boring but it seems neat.

also “Basil Rathbone (who is this??) reads Edgar Allan Poe” (pit and the pendulum, cask of amontillado, facts in the case of m. valdemar) SWEET two of my favorite Poe stories

all of these records were $4 total

-some girl was lurking by my house all day, probably 10 yrs old, I guess her dad was at the yard sale earlier, and she goes “my dad said you’re gay” and i was like “tell your dad he can SMD”

-at the gas station yesterday the dude in front of me kept peeking backwards at me, and when he gets up to the counter he leans in to the cashier and jerks his thumb back at me and goes “i think bono is in line behind me, check that out”

-my dad said if i don’t like it i should get new pants

-when i was driving home tonight some asshole was honking at me because i guess i didn’t turn fast enough? so i opened my sunroof and gave him the finger, and he high beamed me.. and then threw a cup or a bottle of water at my car and it bounced off the roof and all the water went through my sunroof and it splashed all over my head

May 19, 2006

Protected: maybe i don’t know what i’m doing, you move me like a movie

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May 16, 2006

there will always be an ireland

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fucking ridiuclousridiculousriduckiousdff

my new camera is the same as the old one but it makes a weirder noise

1. yes, i would have. i did last time. i guess i just would have figured i was on the list.

2. my fingertips are itchy.

3. #3 is dedicated to annie.
3b. we love lists

4. cute, quirky idiosyncrasies quickly veer to become annoying faults. i try to see past ..

5. none of the above? fuck it cut the cord

did anyone figure out what that box is for “location” when you post?

May 8, 2006

(no subject)

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new jersey wasn’t terrible. i’m not ready to do it again anytime soon, but i did get to see:

hellogoodbye (dance party w/tony j)
method man

incredible. bayside acoustic set at the ascap party (sponsored in part by sparks, gross (beer soda)), halifax was awesome, sean jumped on the stage and broke it

things i never want to see again: MAKERS

i learned a hard lesson that continued far into the next day

oh yeah: panic at the disco sucks. i like the first half of their album.. but i’m sorry, if you have seen them live and still honestly like them, get your head checked. SERIOUSLY.


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you guys forgot to post the best one:

rachel and I dared him to get a picture with some random guy at gorettis. dude didn’t know what was going on.

yet another reminder of how senseless the entire fucking war is.

May 5, 2006

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mom, since i know you read my journal, can you stop buying the columbo brand of yogurt cups? the dannon kind is so much better. i know we’ve talked about this before but i think you just bought another case of it and its so groce

also going to nj/nyc until monday, so bye

oh yeah benadryl

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