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July 31, 2005

a picture of nectar

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I went to a party last night at Derrick’s. After everyone left, me and Rene went upstairs to chill for a while. We talked about sweet random stuff, and then kind of dozed off. My parents don’t like it when I come home later than 12 or 1, and it was 1:30, and I just closed my eyes for a second and then woke up and it was 6:15. I freaked out, said bye to Rene, and drove home as fast as I could.

Got home, crept through the front door, snuck up the stairs, and passed out in my bed until 2 in the afternoon. Took a shower and wondered how I would explain this to my parents. Maybe I could pretend nothing happened, or something.

I walked in to the living room where my dad was sitting with my brothers watching TV, wondering how long I was going to be grounded for. After about 10 minutes:

my dad: how come you weren’t in bed at 5 in the morning?
me: I was at Derrick’s, I fell asleep
my dad: oh
me: sorry

A similar conversation ensued with my mom, then I went to work.


Someone yell at me, or something. I’m thinking it’s a trick, or who even knows. These are the same parents that would flip out if I came home 10 minutes late from the Java Hut on a school night. So I don’t really know what’s going on. I know I’m 18 and it shouldn’t matter what time I come home, but I still feel like that since I’m living in their house I owe them some respect as to not show up at 6 in the morning. Whatever, it’s just weird.

Also, read THIS. It’s one of my customers, talking about me on this forum.

July 28, 2005

rockin the plastic like a man from the catskills!

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my grandmother: I bought that CD by that band The Decemberists you told me about, I really like it. They’re weird. For once you listened to something that isn’t total crap.
me: That’s good, I’m glad you liked it.
grandmother: Now how about that band, what do you call them, Green Day. Are they any good? What are they, that rock and roll crap?

My hand is almost bleeding from so many dood guys giving me high-fives!
Don’t listen to whatever Sean tells you. We went to OAR last night and he loved it. Okay, maybe not. But I had fun. He gets us into good shows.. sorry I don’t have any connections besides the ones to get us into OAR for free.

The funny thing about the crowd was that they all dressed the same (striped polo, collar up; khaki cargo shorts; Red Sox or American Eagle cap, faded). I can’t really make fun, though, because everyone at a show I would normally go to (including myself) looks pretty much the same. I think Sean and I both felt out of place. Dude guys made him get up and dance. It was funny though.

In conclusion, my grandma likes the Decemberists, dude guys love OAR, and Sean loves dude guys.

And I graduated today. Discuss.

July 23, 2005

Error: you must enter a subject

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My mom just referred to blueberries as “bloobs” and I laughed a lot.

Summer school “graduation” is on Thursday. I don’t think they ever did that before, but there are about 20 kids that didn’t graduate so whatever. I think that will be embarassing.. I just want them to mail me my diploma.

I registered for fall classes at Worcester State. I did the placement test and did well enough that I have to go back next week and write this essay on something, and if I do well I get to skip English Comp 101 and go right to 102. And I tested at a (high school) Spanish III level, somehow, even though I haven’t taken that class in 2 years, and did shitty in it. And just picked random letters for most of the questions.

I started to type out my schedule, but decided not to. Instead, here’s the classes I’m taking:

  • Spanish II
  • English Composition I (probably II)
  • Academic Strategies (??)
  • World Literature: Asian, African, Latin
  • Studies of Race, Nation, Class, and Gender
  • Math lab

    Oh yeah, math lab, since I didn’t do so hot on the math placement test. Whatever, I’m an english major, who needs math.

    Got a sweet $299 paycheck today and put it all in the bank. Then minus $270 for car insurance, and $30 for the remaining balance on my phone, and I have nothing except less stress. They sent me a threatening letter today so I guess I gotta pay it or I can’t drive my car anymore. Wait, I don’t have one. Well, I can’t drive my dad’s car anymore.

    Oh yeah, and I owe $3,000 to the school by next week and my financial aid stuff still hasn’t come through :/

    Hanging out with Crystalyn the other day was fun. Park, arcade, Jave Hut. Last night Rene and I ate steak. mm.

  • July 19, 2005

    Protected: fucking ART HOUSE

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    This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

    July 17, 2005

    Jarrod0000: hairy pooter

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    Holy shit, that book was INTENSE.

    And I had it read in less than a day.

    And I didn’t cry until page 639, beat that SUCKAHS.

    Once again, I must stress, WOW.

    Also I just read for like a day straight and now my eyes kill.

    When is the next one coming out? Soon, I hope.

    jk i’m not telling

    July 15, 2005

    and only when i sleep can i feel stronger

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    So, stuff. I still don’t have a new phone. Summer school is going well, except it’s so fucking boring, I fall asleep every day. Working every day, from right after school until around 5ish, whenever it’s not so busy that I need to be there. Friday is my only day off. I’m a manager now. It’s scary. Today I was asked to figure something out with the phone system, and I did, and I’m proud of myself because I like learning. You know, when it’s something that’s fun. You know what I’m saying. It’s not like book learning.. it’s problem solving. I like that. I get a raise tomorrow. Work is hard.

    I am addicted to coffee now. If I don’t get my extra large hazelnut with cream and extra sugar by about 10 a.m., I get a terrible headache and can’t function. Today my mom wasn’t going to let me drive to work because I was trying to tell her what I was doing after work, but I kept falling into the wall and messing up my words. I hate being an addict 🙁 At least the people at Dunkin Donuts know what I order, because usually I am too out of it to tell them.

    Me and Annie went to Boston tonight because I got screening tickets to Wedding Crashers, but by the time we got there it was FULL. So I talked the manager into giving us refunds on our popcorn and soda, and then we walked around Boston Common and I climbed a tree and then we rented Team America and watched it and now I am tired. I wrote Jane a letter. Thanks.

    Going to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with Ashlie tomorrow, yay! At least I bought my tickets ahead of time, so we’ll definitely be able to get innnnnn

    Also Coldstone after, plz.

    Friday is my only day off. I am sleeping forever. I have never been excited for sleeping before. But I am going to go do that now.

    I want to hang out with Crystalyn. Thx. I need a car.

    July 6, 2005

    fuck used cars

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    So yesterday I killed off my 4th car, if you count the Volvo that I only drove like twice. I was driving to Crystalyn’s, and my car started wobbling, and I pulled over and looked at it and the rear passenger-side tire was tilted IN. The back wheels are DEFINITELY not supposed to do that. I called my dad, he came out to get me, we jacked the car up and looked at it and this thing was snapped that is apparently a very important piece of the suspension. There was no way I could drive it, and we were going to get it towed but luckily I broke down DIRECTLY across the street from a Tire Repair Center. It’s really an $80 repair, but a ton of shit needs to get taken out to fix it, and its all so rusty that shit would break and end up costing me a fortune, says the mechanic.

    You know you’re in dire straits when your mechanic says I make my living fixing broken cars, so it’s weird for me to say this, but I don’t even want to touch that. You need a new car.

    So I am done with old, shitty cars (rip ’82 volvo, ’86 buick, ’93 dodge caravan, and now ’92 escort). I am going to buy a car that is 2-3 years old, and make monthly payments on it. I should be able to afford it if I start being smart with my money, I am making twice as much now, and it is worth the expense to me to not have to worry about it. I spent FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS last week fixing the brakes in my car. The fuck at Midas should have TOLD me how bad it was in there, and I would have kept the money and bought a new car. So right now I have about $60 to my name, a car with a brand new set of brakes and rotors in the front, but rear wheels that are due to fall off any second now. I obviously can’t drive it, but my dad is loaning me his car for now, fortunately he bought a motorcycle during his midlife crisis.


    Oh well. It could be a lot worse. I like this band. And I have my bike (cross yr fingers) I think I actually need new rims, but whatever.


    edit: i forgot i got a postcard from annieface! it made me laugh. THX

    July 3, 2005

    rock down to electric avenue

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    On my way to cash my paycheck on Friday, interesting things happened:

  • got stopped in front of the Worcester Public Access tv studio and interviewed for some show, tune in sometime next Saturday to hear me talk about freedom and how all anyone does is bitch.
  • got stopped by an evangelist who asked (for his survey, of course) where I lived, what kind of music I like, what happens when you die, and have I accepted Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior into my heart for all of eternity so God help you? I told him when you die you go in the ground and rot. Maybe there’s something about souls in there somewhere, I’m not sure. It’s really all what you believe.
  • got yelled at by a random guy on a tandem bicycle (the kind with two seats, duh) who commented on my skateboard and its inability to carry two passengers like his bike could. I’m like damn what you wanna give me a ride? He says sure, hop on. So I get on this guys bike and its so hard to ride those things, and we fell off twice, and only made it one block, which was as far as I needed to go anyhow. Kind of funny.

    Hung out with Julia, I missed her! We went to Coney Island and I ate 5 hot dogs, and we reserved a seat for life. And went to the carnival and made fun of white trash. And hung out at Angela’s and made crank calls.

    Rode my bike to work yesterday. It was like infinity miles. Or more like 15, round trip. But it’s like the only exercise I get. Ever.

    Bought my tickets for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, opening day. I’m going with Ashlie, I’m excited!!1 🙂

    oh yeah.. pork chops wrapped in bacon, WHAT? so good.

    ps i need someone to watch the fireworx with tonight. QTz PLZ

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