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July 3, 2005

rock down to electric avenue

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On my way to cash my paycheck on Friday, interesting things happened:

  • got stopped in front of the Worcester Public Access tv studio and interviewed for some show, tune in sometime next Saturday to hear me talk about freedom and how all anyone does is bitch.
  • got stopped by an evangelist who asked (for his survey, of course) where I lived, what kind of music I like, what happens when you die, and have I accepted Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior into my heart for all of eternity so God help you? I told him when you die you go in the ground and rot. Maybe there’s something about souls in there somewhere, I’m not sure. It’s really all what you believe.
  • got yelled at by a random guy on a tandem bicycle (the kind with two seats, duh) who commented on my skateboard and its inability to carry two passengers like his bike could. I’m like damn what you wanna give me a ride? He says sure, hop on. So I get on this guys bike and its so hard to ride those things, and we fell off twice, and only made it one block, which was as far as I needed to go anyhow. Kind of funny.

    Hung out with Julia, I missed her! We went to Coney Island and I ate 5 hot dogs, and we reserved a seat for life. And went to the carnival and made fun of white trash. And hung out at Angela’s and made crank calls.

    Rode my bike to work yesterday. It was like infinity miles. Or more like 15, round trip. But it’s like the only exercise I get. Ever.

    Bought my tickets for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, opening day. I’m going with Ashlie, I’m excited!!1 🙂

    oh yeah.. pork chops wrapped in bacon, WHAT? so good.

    ps i need someone to watch the fireworx with tonight. QTz PLZ

  • June 23, 2005

    (no subject)

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    In the past few days, I’ve done lots of stuff. I don’t feel like making complete sentences. So here’s a list.

  • rode my bike
  • mammoth press got hacked, but we fixed it
  • ate my first hamburger in 3 years
  • went to maine with sean and robyn for a few days
  • went to a(r)cadia national park, it was beautiful there
  • saw the rocket summer and met some awesome people
  • made plans to open a coffee shop with me and rachel and bryce from the rocket summer
  • hung out with cailah!
  • hiked 5 minutes of mt. wachusett
  • this isn’t really in any order
  • ate my first lobster!
  • took lots of pictures, but not digital, duh.
  • i miss laurenface
  • hung out with kelli and took photo booth pictures
  • my car broke and i had to pay $400 to fix it
  • tried to drink but shit tastes so bad. 3 cups later i still didn’t feel anything, so i quit.
  • i think that’s all.
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