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August 18, 2005

“no.. it’s my dad’s car, i had no idea it wasn’t inspected”

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Warped Tour was muddy. Sean was pissed about that, and we left. Waste of a day, and I didn’t get to see any of the bands I had wanted to. And apparently there were a lot of people there that could have driven me home, but I couldn’t find any of them. Ugh.

Nikki came back from Colorado and brought me a keychain and a Snoop Dogg cd.

I got pulled over tonight for the first time.. with 7 people in the car.. and an expired inspection sticker.. and no seatbelts except for mine. And the cops let us go and told me to buy a minivan. Then we cruised Main St blasting GASOLINA and The Faint, and having a dance party, and founds some sk8rz, and hung out with them for a while and played frisbee in the middle of a 5-lane road.

Crystalyn gets mega-namedropped.

My grandfather gets namedropped big time for sending me a $500 check in the mail today with a note saying that I should use it to help pay for a laptop for school. ROCK.

I miss Jolene THX.

June 23, 2005

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In the past few days, I’ve done lots of stuff. I don’t feel like making complete sentences. So here’s a list.

  • rode my bike
  • mammoth press got hacked, but we fixed it
  • ate my first hamburger in 3 years
  • went to maine with sean and robyn for a few days
  • went to a(r)cadia national park, it was beautiful there
  • saw the rocket summer and met some awesome people
  • made plans to open a coffee shop with me and rachel and bryce from the rocket summer
  • hung out with cailah!
  • hiked 5 minutes of mt. wachusett
  • this isn’t really in any order
  • ate my first lobster!
  • took lots of pictures, but not digital, duh.
  • i miss laurenface
  • hung out with kelli and took photo booth pictures
  • my car broke and i had to pay $400 to fix it
  • tried to drink but shit tastes so bad. 3 cups later i still didn’t feel anything, so i quit.
  • i think that’s all.
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