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June 18, 2012

Mothers News 2012 Fundraiser Still In Full Effect

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mothers newsI keep neglecting to write about my own fundraising efforts (maybe later tonight) but instead, would like to remind you about theĀ Mothers News 2012 Fundraiser. Mothers News is a Real Newspaper with Real News, comics, ideas, and is generally the only good reason to check the mail, if your friends are like most of mine and don’t return postcards.

Mothers News is edited by Jacob Berendes, whose endeavors and projects have continued to impress and inspire me, and I look forward to the 3rd year of the Paper of Record. The fundraiser has reached its goal, so any money donated beyond this point will only further enable the project’s stated mission of “design[ing] and manufactur[ing] a craft that would take a human occupant into outer space.” I’m happy to support this project!

There are 12 days left, as of this writing, so donate now, which is really a Subscription at most levels, and let me tell you, it is well worth it.

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