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July 5, 2007


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someone buy me a paid Flickr account plz, it won’t show all my photos anymore!

Nothing has actually changed since my last entry. I am trying not to spend as much money as I have been. I was doing pretty well, not driving as much, saving gas money, not eating out every night. Latest impulse buy was a Spectra AF. Not a huge fan of the glossy photos, maybe there’s an alternative.

Looking for a way to get to Chicago next week. Craigslist has not yet delivered, but for a few possible leads. We’ll see. I’m excited about seeing Sonic Youth, GZA, and Of Montreal. I’m even excited for the long car ride.

I feel stressed, or anxious, for no real reason. It’s probably because of this trip. I hate getting anxious about vacations. That just should not happen.

Today I’ll clean my room, go through my record pile, make the mix tapes I’ve been putting off, and get some mail sent out. Not bills, though.

Oh yeah, I’m moving to NYC at the end of the summer. bye!

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