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March 31, 2006

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Today was beautiful out! I smiled a lot. I rode my bike to the library (ok, I can see it from my house) and I was out of breath. Went to class. Went for a walk down the Millbury bike path. 30 minutes of walking, then a 20 minute jog back. This is including all the times I had to stop and try not to throw up. I’m so out of shape, it’s disgusting. But it was so nice to be outside! Tomorrow it will be 70 or something, and I will go outside again. and it will be nice. fucking internet

i’m so lazy

this is going to be the first time i’m asleep before 2am in over a month, no lie.

i’m happy for now

my cell phone will be off… i don’t really like it so i’m not charging it anymore. if you need me you can call 914-861-1280, thx. i probably won’t pick up, but i’ll return your call asap

reply with fun songs to jog to! (i already have lil john and the cure so don’t say those) (ok the cure probably isn’t good jogging music)

March 27, 2006

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March 26, 2006

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i think i lost my camera and i’m going to cry

March 21, 2006

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My first hangoutdate with Lynette quickly went bad when within 30 seconds of pulling in to the Rochdale skate park that she wanted me to see, a cop was banging on my window asking what we were doing. He didn’t believe that I was just there to look at the park (I probably wouldn’t, either) and told me I could get in big trouble if her mom didn’t know where she was. He didn’t believe me that we weren’t there to have sex or “smoke dope;” when he found a mysterious bag in the back of his cruiser containing an empty soda can and a box (contents unknown to me) he was like ARE YOU SMOKING DOPE, NEIL? IS SHE SMOKING DOPE?

Lessons learned: don’t hang out with underage girls
at 12:30am
in sketchy skate parks

but seriously, threatening me with STATUTORY RAPE
totally unnecessary

Some day I will have a normal day
and not get involved with the police in one way or another

March 20, 2006

circle cats: imagine the crazy adventures!!

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Does anyone want to come to Brooklyn with me this week? I know it’s short notice but I forgot I wanted to go. We’d be taking the commuter rail on Wednesday morning to Boston, and then taking the Fung Wah bus to Chinatown. I don’t know how to get to Brooklyn from there but this is why I need a travel companion.. I’m scared of subways and public transportation. I’m staying at my cousins apartment, but it would be fun if I brought someone. It would only be until Friday afternoon or so. Let me know if you’re down!

Today at work I ordered pizza online. It took 2 hours to get here. I can see the place out my office window. But at least I didn’t have to put my shoes on and walk across the street. This is the 21st century, you’re not supposed to go outside. Oh, and the soda was shaken up.. and it exploded on my keyboard. Now my keys are mushy again. :(:( Thangully I was able to fix them as I was on the middle of my onlinecasinoreviewsuk.com game.

Spring break? I haven’t been to class in a while. I am going after break, though. I promise. Even though I am so happy with waking up late, shopping at Borders, Lurking at Panera and drinking coffee, and then going to work. But right. I can’t do that forever. I will get my english degree and try to be happy. I don’t know what I want out of life, but I suppose that college right now is the best step to a happy future.

I did not get wasted this weekend. I did get somewhat buzzed, played video games in a haze, and slept. It was fun. On Saturday, Nikki and I went to see Reggie. I didn’t enjoy the show, but we hung out with sweet people after (tony i love you)

NEXT ON UNSOLVED MYSTERIES: WHO USED ALL THE SHAMPOO??? And is it okay if you wash your hair with soap instead?


It sucks when you really really like someone and then you have to get over it. I forget how to do this.

March 16, 2006

i’m not sorry, there’s nothing to say

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ohh well. i tried, and that’s more than i can say about most of the girls i like. so at least i don’t/can’t regret anything.

March 15, 2006

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note to self: grow a pair.

March 11, 2006

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Tonight I went to the mall with Julia and I got beat up! Some 16 year olds jumped me and I got SERVED

and 4 cops and an ambulance came and all I wanted was a bandaid

and now we have to go to court and testify against these kids. and the cop called me and said they got a full confession on video and the kids admitted to everything so its going to be kind of funny, i bet they’re grounded!

my neck and pride hurts, i’m going to bed!

March 9, 2006


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i smiled all day today
new headphones, comb, underwear, craft stuff, gel pens, worcester tshirt. and a box of girl scout cookies. and it was sunny (sunroof down)
i’m going to make an effort to get my life back on track. i need to get re-motivated. new job? hobbies?
i (still) like this girl and i’m not totally what is happening with that. a certain flock of overactive butterflies aren’t letting me forget it most of the time, either. it’s okay-

everything will be fine :):):):):):)

March 6, 2006

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it’s weird. i don’t know how to handle getting in fights with people/even small arguments. i don’t ever even exchange angry words with anyone. or even slightly pissed-off words with anyone. i’ve never had my personality piss off someone who was already my friend, i thought. maybe i’m just too sensitive. i haven’t been treating my body very good lately- i barely remember friday night (tsam’s, then ?) saturday was strange, saturday night was sad for me but helped slightly by peach schnapps and a certain piece of ceramic. spent today in cambridge with crystalyn buying ugly sweaters by the pound (literally) and watching an amazing Of Montreal performance. i haven’t had enough sleep so i’m extra-emotional, so the occasional Bad Thing really made me feel like shit (nobody’s fault, i guess, but mine).

when i got home my mom gave me a lecture on how i need to stop ‘spending the night’ with underage girls. this cheered me up a little, because apparently my mom thinks i’m having sex. i told her i’m glad she has high hopes for my sexual activity, but i’ve never done anything besides make out with girls. i hope i didn’t let her down by telling her i’m still a virgin (my dad was probably upset to hear this, he was almost convinced that i’m not gay. this revelation may have set us back a few steps).

remember how every time i have a girlfriend and there is some kind of fight or disagreement i don’t know what to do and just break up with her. i don’t have enough conflict in my regular life (so i love other peoples’) and i don’t know how to react when i’m actually involved (or the source). i don’t know how to change this except maybe being more mature.

comment anonymously (or logged in, if you prefer) with one thing you hate about me. this is for self-improvement purposes. don’t tell me how you hate my livejournal entries, because i do too.

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