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July 6, 2005

fuck used cars

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So yesterday I killed off my 4th car, if you count the Volvo that I only drove like twice. I was driving to Crystalyn’s, and my car started wobbling, and I pulled over and looked at it and the rear passenger-side tire was tilted IN. The back wheels are DEFINITELY not supposed to do that. I called my dad, he came out to get me, we jacked the car up and looked at it and this thing was snapped that is apparently a very important piece of the suspension. There was no way I could drive it, and we were going to get it towed but luckily I broke down DIRECTLY across the street from a Tire Repair Center. It’s really an $80 repair, but a ton of shit needs to get taken out to fix it, and its all so rusty that shit would break and end up costing me a fortune, says the mechanic.

You know you’re in dire straits when your mechanic says I make my living fixing broken cars, so it’s weird for me to say this, but I don’t even want to touch that. You need a new car.

So I am done with old, shitty cars (rip ’82 volvo, ’86 buick, ’93 dodge caravan, and now ’92 escort). I am going to buy a car that is 2-3 years old, and make monthly payments on it. I should be able to afford it if I start being smart with my money, I am making twice as much now, and it is worth the expense to me to not have to worry about it. I spent FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS last week fixing the brakes in my car. The fuck at Midas should have TOLD me how bad it was in there, and I would have kept the money and bought a new car. So right now I have about $60 to my name, a car with a brand new set of brakes and rotors in the front, but rear wheels that are due to fall off any second now. I obviously can’t drive it, but my dad is loaning me his car for now, fortunately he bought a motorcycle during his midlife crisis.


Oh well. It could be a lot worse. I like this band. And I have my bike (cross yr fingers) I think I actually need new rims, but whatever.


edit: i forgot i got a postcard from annieface! it made me laugh. THX


  1. TOYOTAs or HONDAS any model of those will do u good Toyotas + Hondas last.. u still see MANY 1980 Toyota and Hondas on the road. its crazy how long they last.

    Comment by blueapollo88 — July 6, 2005 @ 6:45 am

  2. i concur, i have seen my family go through every brand of car and hondas + toyotas definetly are the most reliable.

    Comment by ilove_yourmom — July 6, 2005 @ 6:52 am

  3. if they’re so reliable, how have they gone through so many?

    Comment by zig_mover — July 9, 2005 @ 1:08 pm

  4. simple: all of the others weren’t hondas or toyotas.

    Comment by ilove_yourmom — July 9, 2005 @ 6:33 pm

  5. i’m actually going to be looking at Civics, i hear good things about them. that’s honda, right? haha

    Comment by zig_mover — July 9, 2005 @ 1:08 pm

  6. haha… yeah a civic is a honda lol

    Comment by blueapollo88 — July 10, 2005 @ 2:24 am

  7. YAY FINALLY! IT’S PROABBALY LIKE 15 YEARS OLD NEIL. i love of montreal!! maybe if they play anywhere near here, I WILL GO TO A SHOW WITH YOU. although i heard they weren’t very good live. poor neil ;( all your cars are belong to trash.

    Comment by this_is_me_emo — July 6, 2005 @ 8:12 am

  8. OK i guess they are coming in septemba (SEE BELOW) so we will go then! i just heard them the other day and they’re so good. all your base are belong to jane.

    Comment by zig_mover — July 9, 2005 @ 1:09 pm


    Comment by coheed — July 6, 2005 @ 12:36 pm


    Comment by zig_mover — July 9, 2005 @ 1:10 pm

  11. toyota corollas. they are small, reasonably priced and amazing on gas. i have one and its amaaaaazing.

    Comment by streetlightlove — July 6, 2005 @ 12:51 pm

  12. she’s totally right Neil. go with the Corolla. Camry’s are ill too. ps. Hi Shannon!

    Comment by what_the_f — July 6, 2005 @ 6:00 pm

  13. RENE!?!?!?!??! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN! are you back in mass? if you are we should arrange a hangout ASAP! ♥

    Comment by streetlightlove — July 6, 2005 @ 6:13 pm

  14. she’s been back for like ever. how old’s your corolla? i think that’s what i’m going to be looking at toyotas since everyone reccomends them. werrrrd.

    Comment by zig_mover — July 9, 2005 @ 1:11 pm

  15. i have a 2004.

    Comment by streetlightlove — July 9, 2005 @ 2:19 pm

  16. Get a Jetta, diesel preferably. I promise that they are ninety kinds of awesome.

    Comment by xcarex — July 6, 2005 @ 4:19 pm

  17. volkswagons are one of the most expensive cars to fix though!

    Comment by streetlightlove — July 6, 2005 @ 6:14 pm

  18. But they don’t really break that often!

    Comment by xcarex — July 7, 2005 @ 1:15 am

  19. touchè!

    Comment by zig_mover — July 9, 2005 @ 1:11 pm

  20. word. and diesel is expensive. got it! only certain people fix them!

    Comment by shawnafucking — July 9, 2005 @ 12:14 am

  21. Im glad you like Of Montreal theyre coming in September I almost pissed myself when I found that out

    Comment by off_stage — July 6, 2005 @ 8:48 pm

  22. intense! i am now excited. hopefully it’s somewhere good. NOT the palladium. kthx. hangoutsoon. whenigetacar.

    Comment by zig_mover — July 9, 2005 @ 1:12 pm

  23. get one of these… they last a really long time and get good mileage. Fueling them up is a bitch though.

    Comment by xdanimalx — July 7, 2005 @ 12:27 am

  24. or i could sell it to poachers and buy 10 cars.

    Comment by zig_mover — July 9, 2005 @ 1:13 pm

  25. And then be a good person and give the remains to the homeless people sp they can eat soe meat.

    Comment by xdanimalx — July 10, 2005 @ 12:02 pm

  26. I’ve had Hondas and Toyotas. I’m currently driving a 2000 Camry. Love the car. Drove a 2004 Corolla when I had my car accident… good stuff. Jettas are expensive to fix tho. Toyotas aren’t too bad.

    Comment by shiara_ — July 7, 2005 @ 2:21 am

  27. H3

    Comment by xmovingeastx — July 7, 2005 @ 3:43 am

  28. already made a down payment on one

    Comment by zig_mover — July 9, 2005 @ 1:13 pm

  29. You should go down to Midas and bitch out the mechanic.

    Comment by mintgreenpearl — July 7, 2005 @ 8:58 pm

  30. and what, get a coupon for a free oil change or something?

    Comment by zig_mover — July 9, 2005 @ 1:16 pm

  31. Sure, why not?

    Comment by mintgreenpearl — July 11, 2005 @ 3:00 am

  32. our cars have similar personalities. my cars haven’t died, but i’ve had about 7.

    Comment by shawnafucking — July 9, 2005 @ 12:15 am

  33. can i write to you yet wtf

    Comment by zig_mover — July 9, 2005 @ 1:15 pm

  34. YESH. you can. the post office is holding our mail and our director is going to get it and i forgot stamps. and we got a new mailbox anyway. its gigantic. you can fit small children in it!

    Comment by shawnafucking — July 9, 2005 @ 7:54 pm

  35. maybe you should just stick to your bike <3

    Comment by littlemisskay — July 9, 2005 @ 10:10 pm

  36. heyy its sondra add me. im from myspace and yeah haha <3

    Comment by noregrets4me — July 10, 2005 @ 10:55 pm

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