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April 23, 2004


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SomethingShasha (5:17:42 PM): so are you gonna tell me why yet?
walls for f33t (5:20:53 PM): i don’t really feel like i need to justify myself. i don’t think i knew you well enough, you can’t date someone 2 weeks after you meet them. i like you, i just don’t think we should be dating.
walls for f33t (5:21:15 PM): it’s nothing to do with another girl, though.
SomethingShasha (5:21:24 PM): you dont feel like you need to justify yourself?? you dont think i deserve a reason?
walls for f33t (5:21:29 PM): since apparently that’s what’s going around.
SomethingShasha (5:21:43 PM): i heard that from one person.
walls for f33t (5:21:46 PM): yeah
SomethingShasha (5:21:48 PM): if its not true its not true. fine.
walls for f33t (5:21:54 PM): well that one person was terribly misguided
walls for f33t (5:23:00 PM): and i want to still be friends with you. i don’t think that would happen if we kept going out.
SomethingShasha (5:24:27 PM): i thought things were fine w/ us… so the fact that your only reason is that you “didnt know me” is silly to me.
SomethingShasha (5:24:33 PM): i dont get why you think you didnt know me
SomethingShasha (5:24:41 PM): or you dont know me. or whatever
SomethingShasha (5:26:24 PM): look at it from my point of veiw.
walls for f33t (5:26:37 PM): sure
SomethingShasha (5:26:47 PM): you have this person that claims they fucking care about you.. and you have a few bad days and all of a sudden theyre just done w. you……
SomethingShasha (5:26:50 PM): and wont tell you why
SomethingShasha (5:27:02 PM): if you dont TELL me im going to end up making my own damn reasons.
SomethingShasha (5:27:09 PM): and you KNOW they arent going to be good ones.
walls for f33t (5:28:05 PM): so basically what you’re saying to me is, if i can’t figure out how to put how i feel into words, you’re going to make some shit up about me?
SomethingShasha (5:28:31 PM): ugh
SomethingShasha (5:28:35 PM): no
SomethingShasha (5:29:11 PM): just fucking tell me what the hell i did.
SomethingShasha (5:29:15 PM): its that easy
walls for f33t (5:31:01 PM): look, i couldn’t give you a single reason. it’s just how i feel.
SomethingShasha (5:31:18 PM): well how you feel sucks
walls for f33t (5:32:55 PM): yeah, sometimes that’s true. and i’m sorry it has to be like this. but there’s nothing i can do about the way i feel.
SomethingShasha signed off at 5:33:53 PM.

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