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August 7, 2005


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Had a 6am encounter with a dude in Dunkin Donuts who was holding the door for me.
guy: hi
me: mornin’
guy: how are you
me: decent. new pants?
guy: yes actually they are, how could you tell?
me: tag’s still on the back
guy: SHIT REALLY? fuck. shit. THIS SUCKS. oh well, thanks for telling me.

Working every day. 9-5. It’s not really that bad, except a lot of times I just get home and sleep. Last week, interviewed Taproot, and 30 Seconds to Mars, Jared Leto’s band. In conclusion, the bassist from Taproot is kind of clueless, and Jared Leto loves us and I hate transcribing interviews.

I forget what else I did last week.

IHOP on Friday with Sean. Olive Garden with kids that night. We all rule. So does the bread there. Then Kirsten’s party, that was fun. Even though I looked less 80’s and more like I shop at the Salvy. Fun people there. Yay. Went to Kirsten’s, stayed up all night (almost). Woke up at 6 and went to Maine with my aunt. Cousin’s wedding. Yay relatives. Good salmon. Danced with my mom. Made a terrible face in every picture taken. Cousins and I (minus joe) fled the reception and found ourselves drinking beers on the side of the road. I hate beer. I like Maine.

Drove my grandfather’s minivan home from Maine because he had a breakdown, or something, nobody actually told me why I was driving. Something about a flat tire and Wal-Mart. Now after driving four-and-a-half hours, I’m tired and am going to play Half Life and go to sleep. thx4reading

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