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October 17, 2005

quote of the weekend: “dude.. that kid, your friend tony, he’s a clown.” -my brother

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I skipped my English class on Friday because it’s pointless and we just watch movies that don’t relate to anything. I want to LEARN. This isn’t high school, where I was HAPPY if we watched The Sandlot every week for no reason. I’m taking an English Comp class so I can learn how to write, but nothing has happened so far.

Sakura Tokyo for lunch with Sean, ice skating with fun kids, then Friday’s. The town was mostly flooded Saturday, some cars and houses underwater, my neighbor’s basement was flooded about 4′ and there were firetrucks everywhere and there was no way into town. Luckily, FEMA wasn’t involved in the cleanup in any way. And it finally stopped raining after an entire week, and the sun came out, and when I saw it I wanted to call Crystalyn to tell her but my phone wouldn’t work.

Sean got me on the guest list for the Reggie/Alkaline Trio/My Chemical Romance show, and NOBODY could come with me, so I took my little brother Ryan. He had a blast, and it made me feel like a good big brother, for once. I WISH I HAD A BIG BROTHER THAT WOULD DO FUN STUFF WITH ME. Met up with TonyJ, he was quite the entertainer. It was so weird seeing Reggie open for My Chem and having kids around me be like “who the fuck is this band,” when 3 years ago it was the exact opposite. I’M NOT INFERRING ANYTHING ABOUT THE SCENE, I’m just saying it’s strange to .. NEVERMIND.

Oh yeah, I HATE IT when a band says WOW I LOVE COMING TO (city name), THIS IS THE BEST FUCKING SHOW ALL TOUR, because SHUT UP we know you’re just saying that.

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