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March 24, 2012

8 of your friends posted about “Rush Limbaugh”

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Draft of reply to someone on facebook re: douchebag radio jock’s misogynist comments- though the 2 issues which seem relevant here are the anti-contraception attitude pushed by Catholic institutions and red states in general, and the anti-woman rhetoric which would shame and punish a woman for having the gall to express herself sexually- the more relevant political issue (if we have to pick) is the former, so that is what I’m commenting on.

Though of course all women benefit from sex-positive legislation, and the entire country benefits from healthier, safer women, the real victims of Blunt’s amendment and Rubio’s bills are those with no other choices.

Ms. Fluke’s organization does important work for reproductive rights and justice, which includes standing up for all women’s reproductive rights and health. The issue she brought before the House (see transcript [PDF]) directly affects more than college women- but just as her school’s health care plan or religiously-affiliated employer’s health care plan can deny her birth control, so can those of much poorer women with less money for BC and less education on other options. Birth control is as important an issue now as ever, and any organization standing in the way of a woman’s right and privilige to stay safe and healthy should seriously reconsider what it stands for, and who it really represents.

Don’t be fooled by some antagonistic and inflamitory radio pundit’s slut-shaming rhetoric. The real beneficiaries of the Affordable Care Act bill’s contraception provisions are not college “sluts” who just can’t get enough sex. It’s poor women who lack affordable family planning knowledge and tools. Our last president completely decimated comprehensive sex ed in schools in favor of the abstinence-only garbage (proven to not work)- on religious grounds- and now you want to take away the other options- on religious grounds?

The Catholic church’s constant intrusion (and recent call to arms by NY’s cardinal Dolan) tell us that this vocal minority is not going anywhere, and may get stronger. Please write to your Senators and thank them for striking down the Blunt bill on Thursdsay. It was a close vote, and it won’t be the last.

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