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November 20, 2005

somewhat recently:

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Art exhibition type thing last night, completely bizarre. The first exhibit I saw was people eating rice in front of a projector screen with fucking on it. Time lapse photography, lights, goldfish bowls, scavenger hunt, mock political survey, man masturbating to the beat of a pendulum. Certainly, Sir played. I’m so glad I got to see them. Free buffet.

I get high and go to the movies.

Harry Potter review: Emma Watson is hot. Voldemort’s fetus was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. I almost cried when Cedric died.

Chicken Little review: worst movie of all time.

Rene and I went to McDonald’s and she asked if they still had the “chicken dinner.” We went to Boston to see Rooney and missed them. Left before we had to endure the All-American Rejects.

Crystalyn and I got addicted to cigarettes :(:( but we got to ride the T for free, because we didn’t have change.

I gave blood and then couldn’t walk without falling down for a couple hours.

Went to Boston and drank with Emily.

Me and Rod got carded at Tortilla Sam’s. BYOB WTF

October 31, 2005

i’m really tired.

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I’m thinking about leaving Winamp and switching to iTunes. Also considering replacing my Rio Karma with an iPod.

BRIEF SURVEY: What program do you use to play music, and what MP3 player do you own? Why did you choose these?

Yeah, great everyone, I’m glad you got an extra hour of sleep last night. Too bad it fucking gets dark at 5pm. This sucks.

Saw the New Amsterdams on Saturday night. Such a good show. Check them out on this tour if you get a chance.

Parties tomorrow? I’m working til 9 and need something to do. plz advise

October 19, 2005

i will follow you into the dark..

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Another COMPLAINING ABOUT COLLEGE post. I HATE COLLEGE. I don’t think I’m doing this again next year. There is only 1 class that I like, and I’m not even learning anything.. I just like it.

Right now I’m supposed to be writing some “letter to the editor” for my english class, but I don’t want to do it because there is NO POINT. I’m not learning anything by doing it. FUCK what is this, high school?

Oh yeah, I’m the Business Manager for the school paper.. I have to organize all this advertising stuff, and invoice people, and do budgeting, and I’m really backed up and I’m afraid people are going to hate me.

I just want to sit here and listen to gangsta rap. And spoon with someone.

Death Cab last night was awesome. They seriously played every song I ever wanted them to play, including Photobooth and I Was A Kaliedoscope, which made me think of Rachel because 3 years ago before we really knew each other, she told me to download that song and then we hung out and listened to it and it was the first time we hung out. I love Rachel. Went with Rene, Eric L, and his girlfriend. Met up with Tiel between sets. It was a good time.

SO GOOD, in fact, that Crystalyn and I are attending Death Cab’s performance in Providence this weekend. I’m excited because, though I don’t miss Death Cab, I dearly miss Crystalyn and can’t wait for Saturday.

October 17, 2005

quote of the weekend: “dude.. that kid, your friend tony, he’s a clown.” -my brother

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I skipped my English class on Friday because it’s pointless and we just watch movies that don’t relate to anything. I want to LEARN. This isn’t high school, where I was HAPPY if we watched The Sandlot every week for no reason. I’m taking an English Comp class so I can learn how to write, but nothing has happened so far.

Sakura Tokyo for lunch with Sean, ice skating with fun kids, then Friday’s. The town was mostly flooded Saturday, some cars and houses underwater, my neighbor’s basement was flooded about 4′ and there were firetrucks everywhere and there was no way into town. Luckily, FEMA wasn’t involved in the cleanup in any way. And it finally stopped raining after an entire week, and the sun came out, and when I saw it I wanted to call Crystalyn to tell her but my phone wouldn’t work.

Sean got me on the guest list for the Reggie/Alkaline Trio/My Chemical Romance show, and NOBODY could come with me, so I took my little brother Ryan. He had a blast, and it made me feel like a good big brother, for once. I WISH I HAD A BIG BROTHER THAT WOULD DO FUN STUFF WITH ME. Met up with TonyJ, he was quite the entertainer. It was so weird seeing Reggie open for My Chem and having kids around me be like “who the fuck is this band,” when 3 years ago it was the exact opposite. I’M NOT INFERRING ANYTHING ABOUT THE SCENE, I’m just saying it’s strange to .. NEVERMIND.

Oh yeah, I HATE IT when a band says WOW I LOVE COMING TO (city name), THIS IS THE BEST FUCKING SHOW ALL TOUR, because SHUT UP we know you’re just saying that.

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