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January 25, 2006


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Today was a Good Day. School was nice. I’m in that Philosophy of Something class, today was the first time I went and I don’t know what it’s about. NO IDEA. I don’t even know the course name. I went home and took a shower and put my underwear on backwards, but I was in too much of a hurry and by the time I realized it I was too late. I saw Ana!!! Paid my $105 ticket at the registry, got $100 in dollar coins from the bank, walked around Worcester, Coney Island was closed so I went to some crazy pizza place and sat at the counter by myself and looked out the window and watched cars and read On the Road and ate mushroom pizza and broccoli cheese balls. Work wasn’t terrible. Ripped off my backwards underwear and threw them away in the bathroom, because srsly it wasn’t comfy.

I’m looking forward to another great day tomorrow. With my underwear on forwards.

I’m still trying to figure out how to use my new camera, it’s kind of fun. A lot more freedom than automatic (or digital). Or whatever. There are pictures behind the cut, of my cute brothers, my weird brothers, and some dumb buildings. I promise there are no pictures of streaking headlights or anything stupid like that. Let me know if you like any? I’m trying to get better.. don’t bother looking if I talk to you a lot because you’ve probably already seen them.

a soccer ball
gary in a chair
molly on the t
ryan and glenn

I was looking for something in my closet and Saturday night’s empty bottles fell out of the bag they were stuffed in. My apologies to anyone who was subjected to my drunken rambling. I like my life.

Oh yeah, I think I am meeting this girl.. from the internet.. that lives far away. And it’s not Annie, guys, I keep telling you, we’ve already met.

January 22, 2006

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January 19, 2006

i made the best icon

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i have NO IDEA where the original image came from.

i can’t sleep again. i went to sleep at 4:30, woke up at 8:30. went to a photography class that i’m not even really enrolled in. i have to pray people drop it. what kind of a school doesn’t even have a waiting list for classes? took a nap in the back seat of my car – it is so huge, i’d never sat there before. creative nonfiction writing – i don’t know why i’m in that class. i don’t know how to write. i’ve never written anything before. i did fine in english comp II but that doesn’t mean anything.

i got home at about 3:30 and fell asleep until 9. drank a ton of coffee and read some of the most boring meta-literature ever

tomorrow morning i have some class i signed up for because it had an opening, and no other reason. i think it’s called philosophy of man, or something. i don’t even know what it is. i bet i’ll sleep through it. at least i have fridays off. i’m sorry i’m complaning but i have the worst stomach ache right now. i haven’t eaten an actual meal since saturday. bagels, coffee, and grilled cheese with tuna sandwiches.

everybody, quick, what is your favorite book. the best book i have read is Stephen King’s The Stand. I love details and side stories, and every character in this book was built up to the point that they each could have filled their own self-containing books (and still almost been worth reading). the paperback weighs in at just under a thousand pages (so you see that i’m not lying when i say the detail is amazing).

January 18, 2006

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i’m really tired but i can’t sleep. i forgot to eat today, i just drank a lot of coffee and grabbed a bagel on the way home from work. how can you even forget to eat. i had my first class of the semester, with Foley. we got free books so i save a lot of money.

the wallet-rapists at Meineke wanted $2500 to fix my car. the mechanic down the street wanted $900. so duh, he did it. the wallet-rapists at Midas wanted $500 to fix my emergency brake. this guy did it for $25 and requested i advise the fucks at midas to kindly shove their estimate.

the worst thing about being back to school is that i’m still working 40+ hours a week. anyone who is in college and says they can’t handle it, go fuck yourself, unless you’re working full time too. if i can get these last minute changes to my schedule finalized, i will be really happy with college and it probably won’t bother me that i’m working so much. but shut up about it.

i read the first few pages of my english lit textbook and i felt like my eyeballs were going to fall out

January 7, 2006

Term GPA: 2.469

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fall semester 2005

I’m happy with that.. except for the Academic Strategies one. “E” means I failed and it counts towards my GPA (as opposed to the F in Math Lab, which didn’t count for anything anyhow, it’s 0 credits, so I stopped going, and so did Ana so I didn’t feel bad). I kind of quit going to the acad strat class, which I guess is kind of ironic, since the class is about, well, academic strategies. I learned that lesson.

If I hadn’t failed, my GPA would be 2.675. That’s not that much better, so I don’t care.

The B- in philosophy was the hardest B- I ever worked for. I’m proud of that. If I had studied for the final more, I probably could have pulled off an A. I thought it was on a different day.. so I found out about it the night before. Oh well! At least I don’t have anything to hide from my parents! (for the first time since 7th grade, when I hid my report card under my bed and didn’t show it to them and then they went to parents night and found out I failed everything)

Next semester goals: better prioritize school over work. Only take classes I like. Few morning classes as possible. Improve writing skills. MAKE MORE FRIENDS. Right now I think if Ana quit I would hate my life. THANKS BYE

i’m gonna make it through this year, if it kills me

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My sleeping cycle got messed up, so every day I can’t fall asleep until 4 in the morning, and wake up around 3 in the afternoon. Then I go to work until midnight, read for a few hours, and do the whole thing over again. My car broke on New Years Eve. A few hundred to fix the brakes. A few hundred to fix the radiator. And the emergency brake is broken too!! A thousand dollars or more to fix. That’s.. about how much I paid for the car. fuck.

I wish I had a time machine so I could go back to when I was 16 and just buy a car for a few thousand, a nice car, and not have to worry about this shit every few months! I miss the Volvo, Century, Caravan, Escort, and LeSabre :(:(:( actually my dad is letting me drive the LeSabre for now, until we figure out what’s going on with the Park Ave I HATE CARS and they all have dumb names.

ALSO HI EVERYONE, I GOT OVER MY EPIC MANY-YEARS LONG CRUSH. Yes, yes, thank you. Then I started to like another girl, but she likes someone else! Sweet! I’m lonely! I need to lower my standards probably. But let’s talk about happy things! Too many people already complain about being lonely on Livejournal. I can’t wait until spring so I can go camping, that’s what I’m going to do more of this year. And hiking. I feel like my life has hit a plateau, it’s not going anywhere and that’s because I don’t have some goal in reach. Even short-term. I have nothing to strive for. I’ve fallen into a routine of work and (occasionally) school. I’ve had this job for 3 years, saved nothing, and have nothing to show for it. WAIT HAPPY THINGS

..nothing. I’m going to Dunkin Donuts. That’s happy. I started this entry at 4:30, fell asleep, and finished it at 9:30.

OH YEAH Shanon let me borrow ON THE ROAD and it’s so good. Thank you Shanon and Kerouac.

January 2, 2006

sorry, no pictures.

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I don’t know what I’m feeling right now. I’m borderline crying and I don’t know why. I told Addie that things weren’t going to work out. Molly helped me pick out new clothes in Harvard Square and I spent a lot of money, but it was a good day. I have a few more weeks off from school and I don’t know what I’m going to do. Last night was a lot of fun. I’m really lonely. Again. For no reason.

Wait, I figured it out. This is ridiculous. I’m not jealous. Really. I’m happy. For them.

Well, that was a good year. #1 best person I met in 2005 award goes to Crystalyn. Best friends that I didn’t see enough of: Rod and Rachel. Ex-girlfriend that I got to know better after we broke up: Shanon. Number of hours I worked: 1750 (approx). Money I saved: $86 (current account balance).

Number of cars I owned last year: 4. Number of cars I broke last year: 3. (The other one was already broken when I bought it.)

Hook ups: 5. Number I felt guilty about afterwards: 3. Number of times I begged Rachel to find me a girlfriend: 1,000. Actual girlfriends: 1. Number of times I questioned my sexuality: too many.

Money spent on expensive electronics: $2,000. Remaining balance on laptop computer: $1,000.

Vinyl records purchased: 72, plus 18 Salt n Pepa records that I got on eBay. Number of times I thought Al Bum’s was sketchy: every time.

Favorite album of the year: The City on Film’s In Formal Introduction. Favorite single: !!!’s Take Ecstasy with Me. Most vapid, vacuous musical atrocity: Black Eyed Peas’ My Humps.

Shows attented: lots. Favorite: Eels. Second favorite: Alan Jackson. Most fun socially: The Rocket Summer. Most musically depressing and making me realize I don’t like going to shows as much as I used to: Hellogoodbye.

A few things stick out as being some of the most memorable times of 2005. Bamboozle was a good time. Going to Maine with Sean and Robyn was awesome. I remember being in Maine for a wedding on the side of the road drinking (disgusting) beer and talking with my cousins, and thinking that it was a perfect moment. Smoking pot for the first time on the school ski trip. The lady at Moe’s asking why I’m always in with a different girl. Breaking my veg-edge after 3 years, at the company cookout. I remember thinking how weird it was that I rode a skateboard a few blocks from the parking lot to get to my 9-to-5 job every day, and then having old ladies yell at me to get a job. I think the Best Kiss of 2006 Award has already been given.

Thank you to everyone for a wonderful year. If you made me smile once this year, I love you, and I mean it.

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