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August 20, 2007

i wanna hurry home to you

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I miss everything as soon as it happens. Every awesome moment I’ll never get to relive. This summer has been amazing. I wish there were more pictures. I’m glad Tina took some tonight

I just worry about how fast everything is changing and how does it make sense that I already miss it

I need to get back on track with growing up. I am missing something.

It is not normal to be single for 2 years (or has it been three? How long have I had this bracelet on?) (it probably is not normal for my memory to be this poor) when was the last time I even went on a date?

i don’t like how i feel right now and i want to go to sleep

be my girlfriend. Have you heard the new National record yet? It’s not too late for it to be our Summer Album. I’ll bring it over.

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