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February 19, 2005

yeah, they go wild

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me and tara!Last night we went ice skating. Tara S called me randomly, so she came, and it was awesome. I can not skate. She isn’t any better. Adam and Lauren are good 🙁

Tonight, we went to Newbury Comics with Kirsten, and I bought Bright Eyes’ I’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning. I’m halfway through the first side of the record and I love it. Bought a couple 7″s too. Then we went to Moes (third time this week), and stayed there for three hours, until they closed. Then I came home because I needed sleep.

Hannah and Robby were driving past Moes, and apparently Robby thought he saw Kayleen inside, but it was really me. OUCH.

The cashier at Moes said to me, “i see you in here with a different girl every night, what’s with that?” I was like, well the ladies love Moes, and me.

She was like, are any of them your girlfriend? I said nope, not either of these two, but one of them is. I actually met her here!

That’s not 100% true, I actually met my girlfriend on Myspace. We just met at Moes. You know the story.

February 14, 2005

it’s like it’s all we have

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robotsThe past however has been awesome. Snowboarding, friends, went to Erika’s new place for the first time since she moved in. I missed everyone over there, so I had fun just hanging out. Met a bunch of Kayleen’s friends, heard about this crazy homeless man that drank gravy and almost died laughing. I spent the day with Kayleen, aww Valentines Day. We saw a movie, lopsided cars, she gave me robot drawings, which I love. Met Adam and Lauren for dinner at Moe’s, which is always wonderful. I like her a lot. Stayed up all night making her a mix tape, and I think she liked it 🙂

One week until vacation. I think that one day during it, probably Thursday, I’m just going to drive as far as I can, just to see how far I can go. Then sleep wherever, and then drive back. I think it will be fun, and if anyone wants to come along and bring their iPod or mix tapes or whatever, you’re more than welcome. I also turn eighteen next Tuesday, which will be nothing except that I can buy scratch tickets legally and stuff.

I asked Kayleen out tonight.. she said yes. I didn’t plan it, at all, so don’t get all up ons for doing it on Valentines Day. But I suppose it doesn’t really matter <3

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