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April 23, 2007

flea market day

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Haley sold me her old Canon FTb 35mm SLR, I think I like it. The shutter isn’t as fast as the AE-1, and there’s no DOF preview, but it’s growing on me. I couldn’t do double exposures with my Minolta so it’s nice to have those back. Metering is easier (or at least, more intuitive) than the AE-1.. and thousands of times better than the Minolta. I don’t think I ever took a single shot I really liked with that camera.

Yesterday was so beautiful. I think the winter is finally over. It was in the 70s. Jocelyn and I went to the flea market and made friends with an old record hoarder. I got the Bob Dylan s/t LP (in mono!), Prince’s 1999, and some Hank Williams Jr/Sr. for $10.

Sat in the sun for a while at Elm Park and my skin started peeling. I need to get out more.

Things are going to get better soon, I know it.

April 16, 2007

no lj cut

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i obviously love that jacket and shirt.

i hung out with adam, that was fun!

i think i appreciate black coffee more

job offer.. relocation to manhattan. do i go back to school, or take this job? i’m lost

comfort isn’t always boredom

so many weird dreams lately, and i’m remembering them all

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