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June 30, 2005

delicious things that i ate this week that i hadn’t eaten for three years:

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  • chicken kabobs (4)
  • steak
  • lobster (1)
  • fish
  • roast beef and turkey grinders (4)
  • double quarter pounder with cheese
  • hot dogs (4)
  • hamburgers (2)
  • various chicken parts (wings and legs)
  • clam chowder
  • chicken quesadilla
  • sausage

    I feel healthier than ever since breaking my veg-edge. I’m not treating my body like shit anymore, skipping out on an entire food group. It’s fine if you want to do that, but you have to be able to get in all the stuff you’re missing from tofu and soy and shit. I’m way too busy to do that, so instead of eating someone healthy, I’d just eat something shitty with no meat in it. So I don’t think I could ever go back. All the flavors I was missing! I still get the tofu at Moe’s, though.

    Summer school is stupid. The teacher talks to us like we’re idiots, which, I guess we deserve for failing the class.

    Saw EELS last night. It was the second most amazing show I’ve ever been to (after Alan Jackson, duh). They played with full strings.. instruments included two violins, a cello, dude playing the SAW, upright bass, 3 pianos and organs, harmonica-type thing, harp.. and duh guitars. The band did FOUR encores, for one of which they came out after almost everyone was gone, and were wearing pyjamas.

    Oh yeah, that Get Up Kids show was okay too. Oh, and I’m hanging out with Emily soon and that’s sweeeet.

  • June 23, 2005

    (no subject)

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    In the past few days, I’ve done lots of stuff. I don’t feel like making complete sentences. So here’s a list.

  • rode my bike
  • mammoth press got hacked, but we fixed it
  • ate my first hamburger in 3 years
  • went to maine with sean and robyn for a few days
  • went to a(r)cadia national park, it was beautiful there
  • saw the rocket summer and met some awesome people
  • made plans to open a coffee shop with me and rachel and bryce from the rocket summer
  • hung out with cailah!
  • hiked 5 minutes of mt. wachusett
  • this isn’t really in any order
  • ate my first lobster!
  • took lots of pictures, but not digital, duh.
  • i miss laurenface
  • hung out with kelli and took photo booth pictures
  • my car broke and i had to pay $400 to fix it
  • tried to drink but shit tastes so bad. 3 cups later i still didn’t feel anything, so i quit.
  • i think that’s all.
  • June 12, 2005

    i got a haircut. trust me, it’s shorter.

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    i got a haircutIndia asked me to drive her to Boston-ish for some thing the other day, so I woke up at 6 and popped a couple antihystamines and started driving. After my coffee wore off, I felt like I got punched in the face by Sleep. I kept dozing off at the wheel. I wanted to pull off and sleep somewhere, but I was too tired to find an exit. Called my mom and made her talk to me to keep me awake for a half hour. Got home and passed out at my kitchen table and slept for 5 hours at the table. Worst feeling ever. I didn’t know those things made you sleepy, I’d never taken them before.

    Graduation was Friday. Really weird, watching my class get diplomas and me sitting in the balcony. I’m happy for them, though. They earned it. I was at least sitting with other kids who also weren’t graduating. I feel stupid that I couldn’t even pull off passing a class my second try, and failing by five points.

    Someone stole my cell phone out of my car. They could have stolen the entire car, since I’m stupid and left the keys in the lock. Ehhh. I had it suspended.. I need to buy a new phone. I don’t really want to. I’m just pissed about losing all my numbers. Seriously, I needed a new phone anyhow. If someone wanted it I would have GIVEN it to them. WITH the car charger, if they asked nicely enough.

    Rachel said the reason I never have a girlfriend is because I’m too picky, and that I only like girls that fit a certain mold (“except Shanon.. I don’t know how THAT happened”). Super pretty skinny scene girls, all with the same personality, and everything. And also that I can’t keep liking the same girl for more than a month.. maybe I’m afraid of relationships, I don’t know. I kind of already knew that.. and it’s probably too late to change anything. I didn’t realize it was that obvious that other people noticed.

    SO. Any super pretty scene girls that want to date me for a month or less, let me know. I’m cute and I like holding hands. And bike rides. MUST OWN A BIKE.

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