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August 10, 2005

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That’s bullshit.. I don’t even have a phone. I had it suspended when it got stolen, and nobody from Verizon ever told me they turned it back on after a month. So I was paying for service and didn’t know it.

I guess I have to go get a new phone today.. since I’m paying for it anyhow. I liked not having a cell phone.. it was just another thing tying me down. I shouldn’t have fucking signed a 2-year contract. Kids, don’t get cell phones. You might think they’re cool, but they’re not. They make you look like a fucking douchebag.

Also, fuck allergies, and how I keep sneezing while I’m on the phone.

EDIT: I mean besides all this, life is great. If a cell phone bill and a runny nose are all I have to complain about, I think I’m doin’ alright.

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