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October 27, 2005

Who cares about lj-cuts.

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Yesterday I bought a car. It’s a 1991 Buick Regal. Pretty much the same one I drive now, only newer and fewer miles. Or so we thought. The odometer says 96,000 miles. Fine. The title from the previous owner, dated August 2003, says 106,000. This is easy enough to attribute to a lazy car dealer who took a customer estimate rather than going out to check the actual mileage. So whatever, I was hyped. I let my dad drive it to work today so he could have the guys in his shop check it out and get professional opinions.

So he calls me this morning and says he found old papers in the glovebox, like from ’99, that says the car had 103,000 miles on it. That was 5 years ago. So someone fucking rolled back the odometer. Adam and Rene both warned me against buying cars from Pudgy’s, but I did anyhow, and got screwed. Oh yeah, there’s a giant hole in the gas tank, and I put almost $40 in there yesterday. WHAT A JOKE. I’m returning the car today.

Here are some pictures. The first one is for Annie and Tracy. Everything else is just from the summer and later that I just felt like scanning.

burned minivan
crap by the trains
train hopping
this was in my yard
some fire thing
paris cinema

August 18, 2005

“no.. it’s my dad’s car, i had no idea it wasn’t inspected”

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Warped Tour was muddy. Sean was pissed about that, and we left. Waste of a day, and I didn’t get to see any of the bands I had wanted to. And apparently there were a lot of people there that could have driven me home, but I couldn’t find any of them. Ugh.

Nikki came back from Colorado and brought me a keychain and a Snoop Dogg cd.

I got pulled over tonight for the first time.. with 7 people in the car.. and an expired inspection sticker.. and no seatbelts except for mine. And the cops let us go and told me to buy a minivan. Then we cruised Main St blasting GASOLINA and The Faint, and having a dance party, and founds some sk8rz, and hung out with them for a while and played frisbee in the middle of a 5-lane road.

Crystalyn gets mega-namedropped.

My grandfather gets namedropped big time for sending me a $500 check in the mail today with a note saying that I should use it to help pay for a laptop for school. ROCK.

I miss Jolene THX.

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